Brief History

This is my second portfolio. One is more than enough but there's a slight chance I move from Skyyym to Mookid, so I set up.


Brief History

I was inspired by a very old, badly designed website that had an array of random images and I thought I could do something similar, so I created in 2009.

Plotter Print

Brief History

I run a small/medium sized printing business and I thought I would be a good idea to make a website that showed which services we provide, opening hours and such.

Brief History

For a while I had the idea of making a website that allowed people to make anonymous comments, just about anything. I came up with a design and then implemented the rest.


Brief History

This is my secondary portfolio, but it's in spanish. Before it was my portfolio, this website was about something else I can't quite remember, so I didn't let the domain die.


Brief History

This a laboratory located in La Paz. They do all sorts of lab test and such. I came up with a design and wrote the code just a couple of years ago.


Brief History

I kind of used the idea from to make this website that basically loads random screenshots I took from The Simpsons.


I have accumulated a fair amount of old designs over the years, some even survived my great hard drive crash of 2008 and I present them here to you.



I'm a web designer and developer from La Paz, Bolivia. I started making websites when I was 17 and it has become my favorite pastime ever since. I like to write the code for my websites after I do the design with tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and XD. CSS preprocessors can be useful but I have to admit I hardly use them.

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